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Performance Schedule: various time intervals

As part of the Jenny’s booth presentation at LISTE, artist Dan Mitchell has invited his frequent collaborator, London-based musician Ben Wallers to perform as The Rebel. Wallers is the frontman of the prolific band Country Teasers, known for their satirical, scathing lyrics and unorthodox live performances. The Rebel is a solo project which has co-existed alongside the Country Teasers since the late 80s, releasing several albums and performing in the context of both music and art. Narrated from the perspective of various invented and self-aware personas, often blurring the lines of gender and race, The Rebel’s lyrics expound upon a wide range of current cultural issues and political turmoil.

Tuesday, June 12
Nebel Bar
Sperrstrasse 94, Basel
9 - 12 p.m.

The Rebel

11. Juni 2018, 13:00

4220 Sunset Boulevard
90029 Los Angeles