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Performance Schedule: various time intervals

Urara Tsuchiya

For her performance on the opening day of Liste 2018, Urara Tsuchiya is working with four frequent collaborators as models. The models will switch in and out of androgynous clothes in a makeshift changing room (consisting of a latex curtain) on the Union Pacific booth, that is purposefully only partially affective at screening the ‘getting changed’ process.  The models will be seen casually walking around the fair and courtyard quietly showing off their looks, like someone one a beach selling you the latest swimwear. Any visitor to the fair, who would like to try on a look, could well be invited to have a go. Expect tight, latex, flared cat suits, bright green oversized PVC dungarees, huge frilly organza capes and beautifully painted Japanese silks.


Urara Tsuchiya

11. Juni 2018, 13:00

Union Pacific
17 Goulston Street
London E1 7TP
United Kingdom