Application for Liste 2020

Submission deadline: 9 December 2019

Please download and prepare the documents first, then fill out the online application form below. All application documents must be submitted in English.

If the gallery operates in multiple cities, please list headquarter and satellite address.

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Bank information for wire transfer: IBAN CH20 0877 5073 5610 0010 0; Pebeba GmbH, Burgweg 15, CH-4058 Basel; Clearingnr. 8775; Swift/BIC Code GUTZCHBB
Please choose a file storage f.e. Dropbox, GoogleDrive, etc. and fill in the URL link above. It's mandatory to upload 3 separate pdf files, named as following: galleryname_form.pdf / galleryname_stand.pdf / galleryname_payment.pdf

Pdf Guidelines

Application Form Liste 2020:
Please upload the completed form. Only upload pdf-format.
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Stand Presentation:
Visual documentation of artist(s) proposed with stand sketch (max. resolution 72 dpi). Only upload pdf-format. 
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