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Jan Vorisek works across sculpture, installation, performance, improvised music and noise. In site-specific assemblages of accumulated materials and objects, the exhibited elements are continuously disassembled to be subjected to new systems of organization. The emerging, subtly animated structures and scores often function as both the producers of and resonant spaces for sounds. The recurring motif of corrosion - of infinitive configurations of sound and objects - is used as a productive method: ongoing adjustments of the used sonic materialities and vibrating surfaces are constitutive to Vorisek's potentially endless production processes. With 'Whip Drone' (2018), an ongoing piece, presented for the 14th Performance Project of LISTE - Art Fair Basel in an extended version, Vorisek continues this endeavor. He swings a whip to accelerate metal spinners, which create layers of gnarly, nearly hallucinatory, vaguely technoid sighing sound sphere exceeding the limits of perceptibility.

Jan Vorisek
Whip Drone, 2018

12. June 2018, 16:00

Union Basel
Klybeckstrasse 95
Free admission