Werkraum Warteck pp

Liste is inconceivable without the Werkraum Warteck pp. The former Warteck Brewery was converted into the Werkraum Warteck pp in the 1990s and has since then united various projects, businesses and people under one roof: craftsmen, artists, architects, designers, restaurants, venues, dance studios and offices in the cultural field. The “pp”, short for permanently provisional, stands for change and development. An openness for new and varied things is just as much part of this building as it is of Liste, making it the ideal venue for the fair.

Since Liste’s inception in 1996, Warteck tenants have vacated their studios, offices and workshops for the week of the fair, leaving them to the galleries. It is a special place with special tenants, strongly contributing to Liste’s unmistakable atmosphere. Exhibitors present their art in approximately 40 rooms distributed over five floors. Each room is unique, both in size and in architecture. Depending on their size, the rooms accommodate between one and ten exhibitors who present stand concepts that respond to the architectural conditions and thus create one-of-a-kind settings. The two restaurants and several bars located in the courtyard, on terraces as well as in the tower, add additional special features to the location, where the most outstanding young artists of their generation can be discovered.

More information about the Werkraum Warteck: werkraumwarteckpp.ch

The film: Liste and the Werkraum Warteck pp

Werkraum Warteck pp; Photograph by Martin Zeller
Werkraum Warteck pp; Photograph by Martin Zeller