Werkraum Warteck pp

The Warteck belongs to LISTE just as LISTE belongs to the Warteck. The former brewery building Warteck, bearing the same name as the beer, was converted into a work space in the 1990s. And in that moment the Werkraum Warteck pp, which stands for cooperation between various projects, businesses and people under one roof, was born. Artisans, artists, restaurants, event venues, and a variety of companies work in the same building. An indelible feature of this place is its openness to what is new and different. The pp in the name refers to permanent provisional arrangement and stands for change and development.

At LISTE’s founding in 1996, the work space demonstrated precisely the above-mentioned openness in renting space to an art fair. It is much less well-known that each of the approximately 40 permanent tenants move out of his or her space for the fair week and that a number of them work for the fair during that time – one of the typically atypical facts that contribute to the charm of both LISTE and the Werkraum Warteck pp. A documentary film presents that very special situation in impressive fashion.

More information about the Werkraum Warteck: werkraumwarteckpp.ch

The film: LISTE and the Werkraum Warteck pp

Werkraum Warteck pp; Photograph by Martin Zeller
Werkraum Warteck pp; Photograph by Martin Zeller