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Francesca Minini presents a project with Elena Damiani and Runo Lagomarsino, two artists that well represent the renewal path that the gallery is following in these last years.
Even quite different formally and in the area of interest they investigate, the two artists have as a strong common point the necessity to understand the world we live in, what surrounds us. History and the traces of the passing of time are the hidden fil rouge connecting both researches: Damiani’s work is strongly linked with the geological events and processes of Earth, while Lagomarsino studies the past facts and the economical and social fluxes of the populations that inhabit it. With their works, they aim to represent the phenomenons that characterize our time and the rules that determine it.

Elena Damiani’s works subtly suggest the acidity of space-time against the soft infirmity of matter so as to articulate an image of the composition of the natural world. They make reference to geological events, revealing the permeable character of unconsolidated materials and the porous mechanics of the Earth. Her geometric compositions are evocative of processes of filtration and erosion reflecting upon the firmness of inorganic materials.
In his practice, Runo Lagomarsino explores how today's political and social environments have developed through different discursive and historical processes, which produce representations and metaphors from which we read and reread history and society, focusing particularly on South America affairs.

Francesca Minini

Via Massimiano 25
20134 Mailand

Shown at LISTE:

Elena Damiani, 1979, PE

Runo Lagomarsino, 1977, SE