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Patrick Goddard produces politically loaded, narrative-based films that invoke class antagonisms, post-industrialisation, the social geographies of the knowledge economy, gentrification and the fetishisation of the authentic.

For LISTE, Goddard has created a new video centering on a feral dog racing through a giant abandoned warehouse. The accompanying narration fluctuates between didactic proclamations on post-Fordist economies and self-doubting personal mumblings, and any authoritative tone is undermined by a self-defeating black comedy. The meandering monologue touches on Brexit psychologies and individual culpability in this anarcho-poetic anti-manifesto.

Accompanying the video work is a set of cyanotype photographs from Goddard's latest series, 'Ghost House'. Images of a city going through rapid architectural and class change are developed directly onto beech plywood. The deep-blue images are inlaid with comic-like drawings printed on acrylic; as if stickers have been plastered over the otherwise earnest photographs. These sneering slogans and parodic characters create a meta-narrative for the implied logic of street photography and its historical claim to rugged realism, evidencing the artist’s (fumbled) attempts to create a personal and political integrity.

Patrick Goddard is an artist working in London and completed a PhD at The Ruskin, Oxford University (2019) and an MFA at Goldsmiths University (2011). Solo shows include: ‘Real Estates’ Seventeen, London, 2019; ‘Ghost House’ The Drawing Rooms, London, 2018; ‘Go Professional’ Seventeen, London, 2017; ‘Looking for the Ocean Estate’ Almanac Projects, London, 2016, ‘The Hellish Cycle’ BlackRock/Matt’s Gallery, Gloucestershire 2016; ‘Gone To Croatan’ Outpost Gallery, Norwich, 2015; ‘Revolver II’ Matt’s Gallery, London, 2014.

David Hoyland

270–276 Kingsland Road
London E8 4DG
United Kingdom

+44 20 729 7789

Shown at LISTE:

Patrick Goddart, GB