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Is Mariana Sissia (Ramallo, Argentina, 1980) exhibiting apocalyptic views from the future? What is Hernan Soriano (Buenos Aires, 1978) looking into his old lithographies as a forensic surgeon over a dead body? Are stones in moon landscapes exactly as we imagine them? Or is it just a representation of our mental landscapes? Can a map bleed if we cut if half ways?
May this year exhibition at Document-Art booth, again a selection of the finest Argentinean contemporary artists, remind us all that “Art is both inside artist but observer´s mind”: the eye may be tricked, and when that happens, the mind must rule. And only if this is the case, the above questions will be answered.
Mariana Sissia was born in 1980 in Ramallo and is a young emerging artist from Argentina: she studied Art in Universidad Di Tella with Ines Katzenstein, and since 2002 has exhibited in Buenos Aires, Chicago, Houston, Sao Paolo and Lima. Her work is an evolutionary exploration on the alternatives of frottage to exteriorize inner visions.  
Hernan Soriano was born in 1978 in Buenos Aires; he studies Art history and after 15 year of carrier he had his first solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires during 2016, curated by Sofia Dourron. His work is such as half an inventor, not only intervening old books and papers but creating useless machines under Tinguely tradition.
Both Sissia and Soriano lives and works in Buenos Aires.
Document-Art Gallery (Buenos Aires) has developed during the last 7 years a selection of the finest conceptual artists and exhibitions of Latin America: while researching and exhibiting artist from the ´60 and ´70 is to be the focus on the beginning, the gallery has also gather together a small a group of Argentinean curated contemporary artists that follow the near tradition of conceptualism.


Mauro Alvarez

Castillo 243
1414 Buenos Aires

Shown at LISTE:

Juan Gugger, 1988, AR

Mariana Sissia, 1980, AR

Hernan Soriano, 1978, AR