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The work of Yoan Mudry, the associated paintings, drawings, prints, sculptural objects, installations and performances have been fed by a process of selecting pictures that the artist has removed from the flux of images noted on a daily basis.

Forming an ever-growing inventory, Yoan’s repertoire draws a landscape, placing motifs coming from television, media, social networks, comics, art, music, cinema, pop culture, philosophy, and activism all on the same equal level. Our presentation for Liste is the second step of an ongoing series of paintings shaped around how we receive information from images through cultural transmission.

We will present a series of new book cover paintings based on appropriations of books covers. The series highlights the double status of books and paintings in general, both are tools for cultural transmissions and objects used to show off social status. Here the books are reduced to their cover and imposed images are overlaid: Emptied of any content they remind us of books which fill the shelves of one’s library in an attempt to look more respectable, or to bring intellectual admiration.

Using covers of books coming from his private library, Mudry presents a series of large scale paintings that show and share, using his own sources, a literal bibliography. 

Here pictured is Subliminal Seduction, one of the first book cover paintings that he made in 2017, a seminal book from 1974 by Wilson Bryan Key about subliminal messages in advertising.

Union Pacific
Grace Schofield
Nigel Dunkley

17 Goulston Street
E1 7TP London
United Kingdom

+44 207 247 61 61

Shown at LISTE:

Yoan Mudry, CH