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For the gallery’s debut participation in Liste, Weiss Falk presents a solo presentation of all new work by Geneva born, Marseille-based artist Timothée Calame. This presentation adopts the space of the booth as a tableau to be entered into by the viewer. The central point of the booth is a totemic sculpture titled, Totemonument, carved from wood with a cylindrical steel base;.The work signals an homage to an unidentified cause alluded to through symbolism, emblems and other imagery apparent in materials surrounding the sculpture which the spectator will see as he or she walks around the totem. This sculpture is surrounded by a mixed-media work that wraps around the three walls of the booth, creating both a “window” or panoramic backdrop to the totem and bulletin board of textural references in dialogue with the sculpture installed in the center of the installation. The board is composed of different elements and covered with an unusual collection of drawings and paintings. The composition of this fixed assemblage provide textural references forming a dialogical relationship to the sculpture it reinforces in the middle of the room. Several smaller sculptures assembled from wheels and wood are placed on the ground around the totem.

Weiss Falk
Oskar Weiss
Oliver Falk

Rebgasse 27
4058 Basel

Shown at LISTE:

Timothée Calame, 1991, CH