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Musa paradisiaca is a dialogue-based artistic project by Eduardo Guerra and Miguel Ferrão. Founded on temporary partnerships with individual and collective entities of varying competence, Musa paradisiaca assumes different formats, while always maintaining a discursive and participatory reference. Hence, it proposes to gradually construct a thinking family which is revealed by many shapes and voices.

Mauro Cerqueira’s method of working is multidisciplinary, encompassing not only photography, video and drawing but also performance, painting and sculpture. Cerqueira’s projects in recent years have been inspired by the environment in which he lived and worked in the old city district of Porto where his studio was situated in a building that has been razed meanwhile for redevelopment.

Max Ruf adopts the trope of the journeying plein-air artist. Ruf articulates his movements and displacement through different natural environments to merge together the pressures of site with the material plasticity of paint. His gestural approach to the canvas is resonant with his movements correspondence to a moving landscape that is both natural and artificial as well as physical and symbolic.

Galeria Múrias Centeno begun as Reflexus Arte Contemporânea, situated in a town house with three gallery spaces and opening on March 2007 in Porto. Alongside the Serralves Museum and the artistrun.

A Certain Lack of Coherence the gallery has played an important role in showcasing Contemporary Art in Porto. In 2009 the gallery expanded, moving to larger premises.The gallery name changed to Galeria Nuno Centeno in January 2011 and then started to represent a group of emerging and established international artists. Most of the artists have grown up together with the gallery, since the early days. In January 2014 Bruno Múrias became a partner and the gallery name changed into Múrias Centeno, we opened a new space in Lisbon where we keep following the previous tendencies in both cities.

Múrias Centeno
Nuno Centeno
Bruno Múrias

Rua Capitão Leitão 10 / 16
1950–051 Lisbon

Rua Miguel
Bombarda 531
4050–383 Porto

Shown at LISTE:

Musa paradisiaca, 1986, PT

Mauro Cerqueira, 1982, PT

Max Ruf, 1982, DE