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Koppe Astner will present works by George Henry Longly, Charlotte Prodger and Grace Weaver.

George Henry Longly's sculpture 'The Lobbyist', 2016 was a part of his solo show 'We all love your life' at Red Bull Academy, New York. Inspired by the first US space station, Longly's multifaceted exhibition considered astronauts and cosmonauts as the original reality TV stars, examining how human needs play out whilst living in space: working, resting, eating, sleeping and being. Longly's solo exhibition at Palais de Tokyo will open in Spring 2018. He lives and works in London.

Charlotte Prodger's video and sound work ':-*', 2012 layers sourced YouTube videos of Nike trainers with recordings of the artist reading  anonymous user comments and excerpts from a personal email exchange. The videos play on Hantrax monitors while the sound plays from a vintage boom box. Examined via various forms of technology, the historical and cultural references of these devices consider fetishisation of culture and shifting representations of self. Prodger's current and upcoming solo exhibitions include Sculpture Center, New York; Tramway, Glasgow and Bergen Kunsthall. Prodger lives and works in Glasgow.

Grace Weaver's vibrant, figurative paintings are tablaeux vivants of modern everyday life. Weaver's broad range of references interweaves 90's animation, the Dutch Mannerist and 14th century Persian miniature painting, resulting in a unique and emphatically female visual language. Current and upcoming solo exhibitions include Kunstverein Reutlingen, Kunstverein Oldenburg and Kaikai Kiki, Tokyo. Weaver will have a solo show at Koppe Astner in September 2017. She lives and works in New York.

Koppe Astner
Emma Astner
Kendall Koppe

Suite 1–2, 6 Dixon Street
Glasgow G1 4AX
United Kingdom

Shown at LISTE:

Grace Weaver, 1989, US

George Henry Longly, 1978, GB

Charlotte Prodger, 1974, GB