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Gabriel Pericàs’ practice consists of three parts, all equally relevant, that are interconnected to create a complex conceptual landscape.

Since 2010, he has been working on a series of performative lectures. The artist delivers a spoken narration, commenting on images and objects through associations and speculation. Pericàs unpacks a number of research topics in an essayistic fashion, these comprise from design history to banal anecdotes. A written script/transcription is usually distributed, in the form of a book or PDF file, as part of the work.

Gabriel Pericàs’ studio practice mainly comprises objects and images. The formal appearance of these works is subordinated to the fact that they are often linked to an action, a process or a backstory. Thus, they are meant to hold certain degree of obscurity, an enigmatic quality aimed to arouse the spectator’s curiosity. The piece’s hypertext is sometimes encountered as a written text in a portfolio, sometimes is spread by word of mouth in the form of a rumor and sometimes simply does not exist or points towards a confusing irrelevance.

Also, following his interest in the dissemination of contents, he has a practice as an editor. Pericàs publishes books by other artists under Biel Books (, a small-scale publishing house that he created in 2013.

Pericàs’ practice is informed by an ongoing research that spans across various topics and sources. It involves both theoretical study and material experimentation. The artist is interested in the way knowledge and history circulate embedded into objects (also bodies and books). Objects that, in turn, have their own physical particularities. It is in that sense that his practice is operating in the dialectical tension that occurs between conceptual dichotomies: material and immaterial, information and knowledge, but also libidinal and rational energies, relevance and irrelevance, weight and velocity, etc

Francisco Salas

Pablo Morillo 8 Bajo
36201 Vigo

+34 986 434333

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Gabriel Pericàs, ES