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For 2018 LISTE, Altman Siegel presents painting, photography and sculpture by American artists Zarouhie Abdalian, Jessica Dickinson, K.r.m. Mooney and Sara VanDerBeek. Though utilizing differing media, their work expresses a shared interest in the passage of time, accumulating layers and traces that evoke a universal shared history, while asserting the specificity of their own creation.

Jessica Dickinson and Sara VanDerBeek have worked in the same studio building for over a decade, cultivating a dialogue of mutual interests. Both Dickinson and VanDerBeek address sculpture; VanDerBeek photographs ancient sculptures, architecture and textiles, abstracting her source imagery and weaving her material into geometric compositions. Like VanDerBeek, Dickinson’s paintings are heavily layered in form and concept. Incorporating traditions of fresco painting, Dickinson utilizes sculptural tools to build and chip away at the paintings’ plaster surfaces.

Zarouhie Abdalian and K.r.m. Mooney represent a younger generation of artists creating sculptures that reflect human history while offering new material syntheses and considerations of progress. Abdalian’s Hydrocol reliefs – comprising the series from chalk mine hollow – are made from molds of the interior walls of an abandoned chalk mine in Mississippi. In these reliefs, the individual strokes of the laborers are recorded meticulously, bringing to the present the workers’ precise markings and drawing attention to a global practice still in existence today. Similarly, Mooney focuses on the interactions of objects, bodies, and space, pursuing a distinct form of abstraction that alters our understanding of how art and bodies relate to one another. Mooney’s objects, like Abdalian, Dickinson and VanDerBeek, blur boundaries between mediums, materials and time, engaging historical conversations relative to our present condition.

Altman Siegel
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Daelyn Farnham

1150 25th Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

+1 415 576 9300

Shown at LISTE:

Zarouhie Abdalian, 1982, US

Jessica Dickinson, 1974, US

K.r.m. Mooney, 1990, US

Sara VanDerBeek, 1976, US