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Aviva Silverman’s new sculptural series, Ghosts in Need of Assistance I, II, III (2019), feature enlarged versions of industrially produced Catholic figurines purchased from factories in Italy. As a result of accidents in the production process, certain characters appear in states of headlessness, dissolution, or recombination, suggesting ecstatic decreation or even divine intervention. Silverman treats the figurines' various ailments through alternative healing practices, such as cupping and acupuncture. Accompanying the series is Purgatory (2019)a bird bath that combines plastic religious figurines en melting, misshapen or semi-formed likenesses of saints and angels, and primordial plastic ooze. Two taxidermied European goldfinches perch above, a serene foil to the Boschian frenzy below. Silverman continues to explore religious iconography through examinations of its material reproduction. Namely, how mechanical errors and distortions create symbols in and of themselves.

Gianluca Gentili

Borgo Pinti 84R
50121 Firenze

+39 05 590 60519

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Aviva Silverman, US