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Trevor Yeung’s practice uses natural bodies and systems as a pretext for describing human processes and relations. He does not use phenomena from the natural world as metaphors in a romantic tradition, rather he projects emotional and intellectual scenarios on biological substitutes, which he manipulates and alters with a full acceptance of the artificiality of nature. He creates worlds with their own logic, one that is only vaguely allowing the logic of objects, animals or plants he uses to function undeterred, imposing his own rules and parameters and staging dramatic scenarios that are intimately connected to his own experiences from the human world. The artists’s own limitations in sociability and the emotional realm are often morphed into elaborate fables in which more than receiving satisfaction, the artist perversely continues to enact the failures and imperfections that are his main driving force.


– Cosmin Costinas

Galerie Allen
Joseph Allen
Mel O'Callaghan

59 Rue de Dunkerque
75009 Paris

+33 1 45 26 82 33

Shown at LISTE:

Trevor Yeung, CN