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For Liste 2017, Maisterravalbuena will present works by Antonio Ballester Moreno and Maria Loboda. Both artists, employing different artistic languages, create a symbolic coded system that hides a dense network of information about how they consider the way Humanity is related to the world. 

Maria Loboda looks back to history, mythology, magic as well as examining language, psychology and materiality, in order to analyse the way they have sewed the hidden and allegorical face of ordinary actions, images and objects. Her works, frequently linked to other cultural narratives forgotten by the Western mainstream, gather metaphorically different senses of time and space, and create new channels of communication between beautiful disturbing images and the viewer.

On the other hand, Antonio Ballester Moreno’s paintings are expressions of an ideological attitude towards life. His creations open up a place away from formal and conceptual prejudices. This approach reveals sympathy towards craftwork and its procedures rather than Art and its production systems. As a consequence, the most frequently used topics in Ballester Moreno’s works are nature, children’s themes and folklore. It is through the repetition of simplified natural elements and ideas, as well as a fundamental development of colour that he finds the way to ideologically position himself against a hyper-industrialized world.

Their interest also focuses on the materiality of their works. While Maria Loboda uses elements such as stones, language, plants or textiles as artistic material, Antonio Ballester Moreno has adopted the thick texture of the jute as the arena in which to impress juxtaposed layers of simplified natural elements.

Works by both artists will be displayed creating an aesthetically appealing proposition charged by deep layers of codes to be deciphered. Several painting on jute by Antonio Ballester Moreno will be disposed on the walls in pairs or forming a sort of mosaic compositions. On the floor, there will be placed sculptures and objects by Maria Loboda.

Pedro Maisterra
Belén Valbuena
Blanca Marín

Calle Doctor Fourquet 6 bajo izquierda
28012 Madrid

Shown at LISTE:

Maria Loboda, 1979, PL

Antonio Ballester Moreno, 1977, ES