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Elisa Montessori (Genoa, 1931, lives and works in Rome),  has been collaborating with Monitor  since 2015. She is one of the most interesting figures in the 60s and 70s Italian art scene. Among the many Italian writers and critics that have followed her work over the years are the remarkable art historians Lionello Venturi and Filiberto Menna. Tommaso Trini and Bruno Matura invited her to exhibit respectively at the 60th edition of the Venice Biennale in 1982 and the 17th Sao Paulo biennale in 1983.

With her sophisticated trait and composition, Montessori explores the influences of two spheres – the cultural fecundity of the West and the cryptic symbolism of the East. Her personal use of symbols thus brings to the surface the Avant-Garde movements whilst echoing those Eastern disciplines in which a single gesture is able to convey the totality of physical and mental experience. In accordance with her statement that "in my work I strive to subtract", over the course of her life Montessori has continued to produce works – drawings, paintigs, installation - that revolve around the concept of accumulation and subtraction, in order to illustrate the ‘wounds’ and allegations generated ​​by society in reference to female sexuality.

Laurent Montaron's approach consists in following the history of technologies and technical innovations, in particular in the reproduction and diffusion of images and sound, in order to analyze and show how these have led to a change in our representation, time and space.

Author of a shape-shifting body of work -photography, film, sculpture- Laurent Montaron frequently draws inspiration from the recent history of technologies, expressing in his work, in a suggestive and fascinating way, different means by which these technical inventions renew our perception and our understanding of the world, in playing with different mediums of recording reality, and these distortions or filters that they generate.

Paola Capata
Manuela Contino

Via Sforza Cesarini 43A–44
00186 Rome

Shown at LISTE:

Laurent Montaron, 1978, FR

Elisa Montessori, 1931, IT