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Adriano Amaral
Adriano Amaral’s work encompasses an examination of the nature of things – the stuff of the world;it’s substance, value, materiality and mutability. Blurring the boundaries between object and space;composition and dispersion; painting and sculpture, Amaral creates site-specific installations,responding to the spatial and architectural elements of the exhibition space or gallery.

Gabriel Lima
Gabriel Lima’s work addresses itself to the formal qualities of painting, accepting the constraints of themedium whilst engaging popular forms of aesthetic production beyond the realms of art with which itsresonates in order to test its traditional boundaries from within and without. Whether utilizing devicesof display messages in social spaces or embracing now supposedly banal genres such as thedomestic- scaled landscape, Lima reaffirms the persistent vitality of painting as a medium precisely byworking with and against the specificities of its limits.

Luísa Mota
The imaginary of the Luísa Mota (Porto, 1984, lives in London) is articulated through a crossingbetween extreme rurality, exotic mythologies and the absurd visions of outer space films from the midtwentieth century. The performative, photographic and video works produced by the artist put in action an unique andpersonal vocabulary that is certainly hermetic and difficult to grasp, but whose radical idiosyncrasymakes of Luísa Mota one the most original artists of her generation. Her works are populated byapparitions, of animated and inanimated beings, often humanoids or human-like figures andpresences, who find different modes of relating to the space, the objects and the individuals aroundthem.

Nuno Centeno

Rua da Alegria 598
4000-037 Porto

+351 936 866 492

Shown at LISTE:

Adriano Amaral, 1982, BR

Gabriel Lima, 1984, BR

Luísa Mota, 1984, PT