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For Liste 2019, our booth will focus on a group installation of works by Monique Mouton, Jessi Reaves and Martine Syms. All three artists leave a trace of the hand-wrought in the domestic object, often constructed from reclaimed materials but relating to a daily practice.

Jessi Reaves’s household furniture reassigns the use value of mid-century, modernist design. Supporting materials, such as raw upholstery foam with black marker measurements, are utilized as the sculpture’s frontal face, bringing people into direct contact with the inside.

Monique Mouton works from an oversized roll of paper, cutting a particularly shaped sheet before beginning a looming, ephemeral watercolor. The framing process finalizes the piece, creating a vitrine for the otherwise raw painting that carries a trace of pinholes, pencil marks and erasures.

Martine Syms photographs moments of daily life with her 35mm film camera, printing these personal photographs on found movie posters. The folded, marked poster paper contextualizes the photographic image as one that is produced by the cultural imagination, as much as by the individual.

These three artists challenge the notion of fact and fiction through the combination of the found and the made. Mouton's paintings emanate from their studio as well as from the larger world; marks of wear and usage become expressionistic marks, whether inherent to the material or enacted by the hand of the artist. Syms replaces the iconography of the movie star with the personal iconography of the life of an anonymous girl, transferring these two statuses through the weight of a found object. Reaves's sculpture is the iconoclastic foundation to the booth, incorporating hand-crafted design flourishes into salvaged, reconstructed chairs. Each artist inserts themselves into a larger historical dialogue that pre-exists their work and will continue after, allowing flaws in material to speak to their particular time and place in the world.

Bridget Donahue

99 Bowery, Floor 2
New York, NY 10002

+1 646 896 1368

Shown at LISTE:

Monique Mouton, US

Jessi Reaves, US

Martine Syms, US