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Paris-based Argentinean artist Liv Schulman’s focuses her work in the performative capacity of language for creating new relations that re-interpret affects and bodies under our current economy. Liv Schulman’s work deals with the place of subjectivity within the political space, the difficulty of giving it credit. It makes us adhere to its theses at the same time as it scuttles them. In the unbelieving belief of her production, to create implies to experience directly a medium, a system, a subject. Through the use of video, humor, sculpture and absurdity the artist develops a television series in which a recurrent character wanders between episodes attempting to establish new relations of meaning. The sole protagonist, played by different actors and actresses, is a detective taken straight from a detective novel. The commonplace of this cynical figure acts as a discourse producing tool; considerably astray in a maze of stories whose meaning has been forever lost, he/she incarnates a person who has access to hidden facts, invisible systems, and the occult parts of the world, and imparts her/his paranoid conclusions in a disillusioned way. Merging with one another, these distinct forms of discourse become absurd and crazy tools of a paranoid interpretation of the social world, based on the alienation of bodies, the devaluation of identities, and the complexities of desire for meaning.

Rafael Beltrán

Avenida Rivadavia 2625 4
1034 Buenos Aires

+54 11 206 59844

Shown at LISTE:

Liv Schulman, AR