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A laboratory, an incubator, a research tentacle, Sabot acts equally as a curator, a producer, and a habitat.

Nine of the gallery artists under 40 are invited to put together a series of “selfportraits as a shoe” (an allusion to the gallery’s name, Sabot, which can be easily rendered into “a kind of simple shoe, shaped and hollowed out from a single block of wood, traditionally worn by French and Breton peasants”). These creations become part of “Sabot Shoe Shop” – a sitespecific installation meant to question (even to temporary override) our gallery’s identity.

Behind its obvious self-ironic approach (Sabot is a contemporary art gallery which operates on a nonprofit basis), our project is in fact using the art market as a creative laboratory, turning a curatorial experiment into artistic commodity.

Daria Dumitrescu

12 Horea str. ap. 10
400038 Cluj-Napoca

+40 264 536 541

Shown at LISTE:

Răzvan Botiș, 1984, RO

Joe Fletcher Orr, 1991, GB

Lucie Fontaine, 1982, FR

Nona Inescu, 1991, RO

Nicolás Lamas, 1980, PE

Alex Mirutziu, 1981, RO

Vlad Nancă, 1979, RO

Alice Tomaselli, 1982, IT

Alexandra Zuckerman, 1981, IL