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Madragoa’s project looks at the practice of drawing as an expanded field, focusing on the sculptural potential of paper. It also revolves around the artists’ interest in unveiling the ritualistic elements embedded in common objects and in everyday practices, from the act of cleansing to entertainment and pure consumption. 

Buhlebezwe Siwani (Johannesburg,1987. Lives and works between Cape Town and Amsterdam) has a multidisciplinary practice that includes video, drawing,and installation in relation to the performative and bodily act. Siwani’s artistic production is strongly correlated with her practice as an initiated sangoma, a spiritual healer that works within the space of the death and the living. For LISTE,she produced a new series of soap drawings that evoke the act of cleansing, especially in relation to the black body. Green soap is a well-known and used product in South Africa’s rural areas by people with modest socio-economic conditions. The newly produced, large-size drawings hang from the ceiling and touch the ground: their monumental proportions do not adhere directly to a human body,but suggest a collective dimension. Their appearance evokes a graffiti-like urban intervention,reminding another kind of impurity. 

Belén Uriel’s (Madrid,1974. Lives and works between Lisbon and London) research stems from the observation of everyday objects, investigating their sculptural potential beyond their functionality. For LISTE, Uriel presents a group of sculptures titled 'Segunda-feira' which originates from the observation of those “temporary sculptures” used to decorate beds in hotels or dinner tables, created by folding common napkins. The napkins have been fixed in their position with plaster, and the resulting sculptures are displayed on papier-maché plinths that replicate the designs of plastic laundry baskets. Each of the sculptures breaks the natural cycle of life of an object that is to be cleaned and reused and emphasizes the moment of a small celebrative act.

Matteo Consonni
Gonçalo Jesús

Rua do Machadinho 45
1200-705 Lisbon

+35 121 3901 699

Shown at LISTE:

Belén Uriel, ES

Buhlebezwe Siwani, ZA