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80m2 Livia Benavides is an art gallery specialized in contemporary Peruvian art and its dynamics within the international art scene, characterized by representing conceptual artists with an interest on political and social reflection.

Adriana Bustos, Gilda Mantilla and Jose Vera Matos share in their work a particular interest in mapping contemporary Latin America. Each of them explore from a different stand point the current state of affairs, through the most intimate, daily and personal, to the more anthropological, sociological and historical. Adriana Bustos’ art produces singular ways of knowledge, so research, the revision of history in non-linear terms and its articulation with the present are the background of her work. The strategies of anthropology, juxtaposition, montage of images, history, science, popular culture, fiction, biographical quotes, the academic, the intuitive, the fragmentary, the objective and subjective dimension are some of the devices that she uses to build a network of new associations.

Gilda Mantilla’s work seeks to generate an artistic reflection about popular, personal and intimate aesthetics through the seemingly banal and insignificant, everyday objects of everyday life, which nevertheless possess the ability to model subjectivity and desire. In these works, the design of the glass used would refer to a very common element of Peruvian culture, being at the same time a global object that is universally identifiable.

The work of José Vera Matos accounts for a complex historical investigation that led to contemporary Latin America, focusing attention on the tension that arises as a consequence of colonialism. According to Max Hernandez ‘Vera Matos enacts a sort of ‘historical inversion’, symbolically annulling Spanish domination by imposing an Incan structure on writing- one of the main instruments of colonial power’.

80M2 Livia Benavides
Livia Benavides Du Bois

Malecón Pazos 252, Barranco
51104 Lima

+511 2529 246

Shown at LISTE:

José Vera Matos, 1981, PE

Gilda Mantilla, 1967, PE

Adriana Bustos, 1965, AR