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Working with a variety of media including installation, textile, ceramics, casting and glass, Kate Newby is a sculptor who is committed to exploring and putting pressure on the limits and nature of sculpture. In doing so she celebrates the minutiae of everyday life as her work provokes a consideration of the overlooked and a renewed awareness of our environments. Where and how the sculpture takes place are as important as the form and material it employs and as such the works frequently exist beyond the gallery space, while physically redefining the architecture of a place. In using a range of half found and half fabricated quotidian fragments, including coins, nails, ring pulls and ceramic pebbles, her installations can take the form of a lo-fi archaeological dig, acting as traces and memories of the passing world.

Cynthia Daignault approaches painting as a long form act, treating it as a cinematic and durational medium. Interested in narrative and time-based work, she experiments with bringing those concepts and histories into painting, with memory, history and landscape being some of the ideas she addresses. Daignault looks for subject matter outside of her studio, exploring ways to imbue her images with meaning. Such endeavors involve uncertainty and endurance, and in completed works, this translates to a sense of narrative and emotional weight. A recent venture is indicative of her ambitious scope, both physically and temporally; What Happened is a work made up of 100 paintings charting 100 years of iconic images from American history. Exploring collective memory and inherited trauma, it becomes a macro portrait of the last century.

The Sunday Painter
Harry Beer
Tom Cole
Will Jarvis

117-119 South Lambeth Road
London SW8 1XA
United Kingdom

+44 207 735 5037

Shown at LISTE:

Cynthia Daignault, 1978, US

Kate Newby, 1979, NZ