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Lars Friedrich began its gallery program in 2011. This year Lars Friedrich is participating in LISTE for the fourth time, with work from LaKela Brown and Min Yoon. Both artists have exhibited with the gallery over the last several years.

LaKela Brown lives and works in New York. She has recently shown at Cave Detroit in Michigan, and at Jackie Klempay in New York. She will have her first solo show with the gallery in the fall of 2017.

Min Yoon lives and works in Vienna. His work was recently exhibited at Galerie der Stadt Schwaz, Oracle Berlin, Le Mérite Paris and, together with Nicola Brunnhuber, at the gallery in 2016.


Lars Friedrich
Inka Meißner

Kanstrasse 154a
10623 Berlin

Shown at LISTE:

Min Yoon, 1986, KR

LaKela Brown, 1982, US