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The joint installation of Pakui Hardware and Jakub Choma creates a tension between archetypal morphology and eclectic design. One can easily turn into the other, it simply depends on the speed of connection – atavism online. A myth becomes a successful brand and vice versa. Metamorphosis is omnipresent in the same way as bodies without organs. Nothing more than the skin and bones of a disorganized body. Displayed artifacts fall apart into fragments that again mutually fit into each other and blend into an infinite loop of frozen time. Ovidius with Kafka in a live stream. The result appears logical to the point of inhumanity. As if artificial intelligence tried to reconstruct its own archaeological discoveries through available online information, google images and dystopian movies. A scientific display encounters a haunted castle, cheap movie props encounter perfect craftsmanship - hypertrash Arts and Crafts. The whole installation is veiled in a large semi-transparent advertising banner with a print by Jakub Choma. The nebula of the synthetic fabric swallows the showcased objects and wipes out the differences between the individual materials. The visitor can view the banner as a barrier creating a distance and enhancing inaccessibility, or as a barrier separating the external and internal space, thus enhancing the intimacy of the experience. Fetish as carrot and stick.

Filip Polansky

Veletrzni 45
17000 Prague
Czech Republik

Shown at LISTE:

Jakub Choma, SK

Pakui Hardware, LT