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Alina Chaiderov's (St Petersburg, 1984) work engages with the concepts of the psychological and physical approach to materials, the notion of memory, the experience of time and the body-space relationship. Chaiderov's practice carries a double definition of the collection: a physical collection of objects conveying the embodiment of sculptures and installations, and an illustrative metaphorical collection as a diary through a daily photographic documentation of situations.

This latter definition is at the roots of a recent ongoing series of photographs shot with her iPhone the artist publishes on Instagram, an apparatus she compares to a contemporary substitutive of the Polaroids for the spontaneous immediacy of the medium and the squared formats pictures; those images crystallize diverse close-up points of view situations with food that – behind the veneer of the extremely high banality of the depicted aliments - expose the themes of a certain fragility mixed with the irony of looking alike foodspotting examinations and intend to resurface hidden memories of objects, creating new narrations of existence.

For Liste 2017 Ola Vasiljeva (Ventspils, 1981) proposes an installation with large scale drawings.
These come from the current project “Zefiro Torna” based on a sonnet by Francesco Petrarca and late compositions by Claudio Monteverdi.

Ola Vasiljeva investigates the notion of melancholy and other psychological states of the sonnet motif and creates an extended body of work, which could be regarded as a complete opera stage set. This multilayered and multi dimensional project embodies sculpture, drawing, installation, sound pieces and performance. The installation picks two large scale drawings on paper (charcoal, watercolor and gold pigment) framed “in a cage” made of powder coated steel bars which hold suggestive, prop-like, cryptic character quality.

Antoine Levi
Antoine Levi
Nerina Ciaccia

44 Rue Ramponeau
75020 Paris

Shown at LISTE:

Ola Vasiljeva, 1981, NL

Alina Chaiderov, 1984, SE RU