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Adán Vallecillo (Danlí, Honduras, 1977) studied Fine Arts and Sociology at Honduras and Puerto Rico.The methodology of his practice is multidimensional and through on-site research he combines local visual and social aspects. He has worked in cities such as San Juan (Puerto Rico), Iquitos (Peru), Cartagena (Colombia), Venice (Italy), 

Lima (Peru), Tegucigalpa (Honduras), Curitiba (Brazil), Mexico D.F (Mexico), San Jose (Costa Rica) and Zürich (Switzerland). From a socio-aesthetic approach, Vallecillo reveals a variety of strategies to enhance and redefine the materials, actions and objects used for his works.

He lives and works in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. His recent solo exhibitions include “Earthworks”, 80m2 Livia Benavides, Peru, “Residual”, PM8 Gallery, Spain, “Interpellations”, Siqueiros Public Art Gallery, Mexico D.F; “Adonde va” Palazetto Tito, Venice, Italy; “Frescos Fetiches”, Visual Arts Center, Honduras; “Charter City”, Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, Costa Rica; “Sedimentos”; Ex-Teresa, Arte Actual, Mexico D.F; “Denominaciones y Retroscopías” Fundación Teorética Costa Rica.

Jose Vera Matos (Lima, Peru, 1981) attended to the Edith Sachs Visual Arts Institute and later at the National School of Fine Arts of Peru where he currently lives and works. He received The Robert Sterling Clark Foundation Fellowship for Latin American artists in 2012 for a Residency at The Vermont Studio Centre and Triangle Arts in New York. His work had been shown in various solo and group exhibitions in cities such as Lima, Mexico City, Barcelona, Madrid, London, Bogota, New York.

Through his work, he uses of a wide range of visual resources, from pre-modern forms to contemporary aesthetics, to rethink our ways of narrating and of understanding the past and present. He the idea surrounding what we are and what we might be to keep open a horizon.

80M2 Livia Benavides
Livia Benavides Du Bois

Malecón Pazos 252, Barranco
51104 Lima

Shown at LISTE:

Jose Vera Matos, 1981, PE

Adán Vallecillo, 1977, HN