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Instituto de Visión is a gallery dedicated to experimentation and exchange. Our program is focused on conceptual practices that propose micro-revolutions, original perspectives and personal ecosystems inserted into a specific context.
The poetics that inspire us originate in interchange, tropicality, decoding, cotidianity, archives and historic revision.

This year we are presenting works that reveal personal cosmologies and propose a fresh point of view on eternal matters like spirituality, cosmogony, infinity and subconscious.

Born in Mexico and living in Los Angeles, Carmen Argote reflects on concepts of home and space to explore notions of immigrations, place and displacements. Usually working with her family, in this case her sister Alex, Argote creates an inter-dimensional portrait of her and explores, through the objects in her room, her internal universe.


Fluctuating between science and mythology, Mazanett Quiroga is a collective that investigates the relation between matter, earth and cosmos. Using the mineral composition of matter, this collective creates paintings and sculptures that expose the tensions between spirituality and its material symbolism. De mas alla del mar (From beyond the see) represents divinity by gold, as in Pre-Colombian cultures for its reference to the sun, and by mineral blue, as an image of the infinity of the universe.

Santiago Reyes Villaveces’s work responds to an inquiry, obsession, fascination, and pleasure for the structures, assemblages and dynamics that evidence the state of transitivity and precariousness -the state of temporal indeterminateness. The works transform, modify and interfere with the space in which they operate; they affect the way the spectator occupies and perceive the physical and social space where the work exists.

Instituto de Visión
Karen Abreu
Omayra Alvarado
Beatriz López
María Wills

Carrera 23 #76–74
111211 Bogotá

Shown at LISTE:

Collective Mazenett Quiroga, 1985 - 1989, CO

Santiago Reyes Villaveces, 1986, CO

Carmen Argote, 1981, MX