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Audax Viator (the Audacious Traveler) is the name of a bacterium whose distinguishing feature from other life forms is its ability to live in complete isolation, even without oxygen and in absolute darkness. It is a microorganism that forms the first ecosystem of a single species discovered on Earth, being able to extract everything it needs to live from an environment that is already dead thanks to the existence of minerals in environments where photosynthesis is not possible. Audax Viator was discovered in a South African gold mine more than 3,000 meters below the earth's surface, becoming a form of life on Earth that, because of its extreme condition, with confirms the possibility of potential life on other planets with conditions very different from those of Earth, for example Mars or Enceladus, one of Saturn's moons. 

Regina de Miguel's project understands the exhibition medium as a tentative-political organism in which the artist's works function as elements endowed with life, within a hybrid space that focuses on two main notions: the temple and the laboratory. 
The temple here appears from the potential of the ritual of passage as a collective action that ignores the constraints of reason or the productivist demand of the capitalist ethos of our present, invoking forms of knowledge, also experiential, that put in crisis the social and scientific human apparatus that produces a domain of the real. 

The notion of laboratory, appears here as a depopulated scenario of biological principles and forms of life that can be controlled, also from the intelligibility of multiple meanings. As a laboratory, recreates an atmosphere inspired in laboratories of artificial or in vitro cultures, prioritizing the dysfunctional and monstrous character of life forms that question the human through technology and the material spectrum of a reality shared with otherness as synthetic life forms, extremephilia, or necropolitics.

Pedro Maisterra
Belén Valbuena

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