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Marieta Chiruelscu realized specifically for Galleria Fonti a group of works for the exhibition titled CYTWOMBLY CYFONTI at the beginning of 2016.

These paintings still show the characteristics of Chirulescu’s familiar style, but differ from it in subtle ways. What first comes to the eye, is the use of intense colors in the (printed) backgrounds as well as for the (painted) elements which complete most of the works. The range of colors however does not seem to originate from the classical painter’s palette, but from a Photoshop color panel, its hue and brilliance reminds one of a computer screen more than of natural light. Besides Chirulescu uses pieces of self-printed or generic patterned fabric to make joins with printed and painted canvasses. The changes in appearance might cause a slight feeling of diffusion on a formal level as well as in regard to what these canvasses are meant to be – their character seems hard to be identified. Are they referring to the history of painting (abstraction, impressionism, certain painters, écriture automatique), to digital images, computer-collages, photography, structural investigations of image-making or even CGI? In a way they refer to all of the mentioned sources, in parts or fragments, still never totally or as a whole, there can even be found completely contradictory signs within one painting.

The work exhibited by Constantin Thun started in occasion of the group show titled completely something else curated by Jacopo Crivelli Visconti at Point Centre for Contemporary Art in Nicosia, Cyprus in 2016.

In that occasion the artist realized in collaboration with artist Maria Loboda the work titled: You think it will never happen to you, that it cannot happen to you, that you are the only one in the world to whom none of these things will ever happen, and then, one by one, they all begin to happen to you, in the same way they happen to everyone else,

The work aimed to close a space using a baseboard which was a real baseboard but an artwork as well until it is used in the space (ambiguity is at the base of the work as the object appropriates of more than one state).

Taking the baseboard away from the wall, its nature of being a baseboard is limited and is now possible to make a lead cast transforming it in a "finished" artwork.

Galleria Fonti
Giangi Fonti

via Chiaia 229
80132 Naples

Shown at LISTE:

Constantin Thun, 1986, IT

Marieta Chirulescu, 1974, RO