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For the last two years, Daniel Jacoby has been developing a body of sculptural work that deals with the relationship between clothing as a product, and the body as a produced image. Family-run businesses and market stalls – most commonly those in the artist’s native Lima – tend to be resourceful in how to display products without a marketing apparatus around them. These modest commerces, in the artist view, turn a commodity into a self standing object, thus escaping the worship of the good-looking body. Often they even result in suggestive abstract compositions, which is the aspect the artist tries to explore. For this new iteration, Daniel has transformed his laser-cut MDF and aluminum static structures into bulky and roughly cut foam pieces, and has brought them back onto the body. These soft volumes, filled with stretched socks, underwear, and other garments, are not exactly worn but rather carried by performers as some sort of portable storefronts. In an act that flirts with a fashion runway show, but defies some of its codes, this performance aims at making the bodies disappear behind the voluminous pastel shapes. Adopting odd ways of moving (e.g. slowly walking backwards) and positioning themselves (e.g. yoga poses) the foam blobs seem to fluctuate between inanimate racks and phantasmagoric bodies.
A 15-minute performance will take place twice a day, on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, starting at 3pm and 7pm respectively. The walk begins at Maisterravalbuena’s booth (0/9/5), and scatters through the ground floor.

Pedro Maisterra
Belén Valbuena

Calle Doctor Fourquet 6
28012 Madrid

Satellite address
Rua Reinaldo Ferreira 40-Q
1700-324 Lisbon

+34 91 173 30 34

Shown at LISTE:

Daniel Jacoby, 1985, PE