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Coco. Cocos. Coconut. Coconuts. Lots and lots of Coconuts. Everywhere. On the floor, under the table, off the walls, on the paintings. Coconuts. Coconut Heads. Coconut heads in their day to day. Coconut heads in Thermal Energy. Coconut heads in Museums.

In Akira Ikezoe’s paintings, human-like characters who have coconuts for heads are seen performing a wide range of playful actions, that successively reveal the idiosyncrasy and absurdity of contemporary society. Further, the way in which the paintings are composed create narratives that evoke surrealist free association and traditional enoki paintings from Japan, through which anthropomorphised animal caricatures satirize society altogether.

Radamés “Juni” Figueroa’s coconut sculptures are directly inspired by the ways in which real coconuts adorn small vernacular beach bars in his native Puerto Rico. Seen as still lives, these sculptural installations allow viewers to temporary discolate to the tropics, and transform the space they inhabit into a surrealist setting where coconuts proliferate and people come together to celebrate life.

Proyectos Ultravioleta
Stefan Benchoam

21 calle 11-09 z1
01001 Guatemala City

+502 2253 9288

Shown at LISTE:

Akira Ikezoe, JP

Radeamés "Juni" Figueroa, PR