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Super Dakota is delighted to take part in Liste 2019 with a solo presentation of British artist Isaac Lythgoe. The London based artist focuses on the fictional context wherein the work takes shape.

The presence of the characters, a time frame, and a location are required for his installations composed of sculptures, neon, fabric, furniture, and other objects to find their meaning. Alongside the narrative imagined by the artist, dreams and the subconscious create temporal and fictional distortions. In this narrative flux, characters borrowed from mythology and pop culture flirt with power, to find themselves trapped as historical landmarks, curled up in a fancy hotel or sitting on top of a CBD skyscraper in a search for eternal youth. The booth, inspired by science­fiction aims to create a post-apocalyptic atmosphere in which the viewer is confronted in a dark narration of familiar icons.

“Cities of angels, cities of filth and fineries, cities drugged awake and silent, consciousness never asleep. The booth is a step into a clearing, maybe its Waterloo Bridge still at 4am, maybe its an Alice-esque monopoly board. London landmarks are mounted on the wall, scaled models that appear uprooted from the ground, plucked from the street, their attachments to the city’s infrastructure left trailing from the bottom, like uprooted trees. These high rise buildings have become both houses and bodies of sorts, forms grafted onto figures architecture eating bodies. They are characters with narrative threats, watchers in the bigger story. Pinocchio, posed, peers down his long nose, following it out of Big Ben’s clock face, his hooves kicked through the sandstone tower, eight fingers holding on for fright.“ – Isaac Lythgoe

Super Dakota
Damîen Bertelle-Rogier

45 rue Washington
1050 Brussels

+32 26 491 772

Shown at LISTE:

Isaac Lythgoe, US