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This exhibition is made up of multiple media such as posters, photographs, and video works based on live performance images of Japanese singer-songwriter Yuta Orisaka. The work was produced in 2018 and the theme was Watarase Yusuichi in Tochigi Prefecture and Susaki City, where he visited in the same year as a residence. Orisaka's characteristic and abstract singing voice and speech that cannot fit in a specific style connect politics, ideology, disasters and cultures that occurred at different times and places. This is an attempt to discuss the forgetting and weathering of repeated history and to talk about memories.


Watarase Yusuichi is a vast pool of ponds designed to precipitate and render harmless the mineral poisoning caused by “Ashio Mineral Poison” (1890 -). The whole area of Yanaka Shimotsuga-gun village was abandoned in 1906 and currently it is known for good landscape and one of the most popular bird spots. Recently, burning of the field was stopped due to the nuclear accident at the Great East Japan Earthquake. The mineral poisoning was not completely detoxified yet.


Yuta Orisaka was born in Tottori in 1989. After spending time in Russia and Iran, he is now a singer and songwriter who is based in Chiba. He uses various vocal methods (homie, yodeling, poetry reading, predation, and etc.), jazz and old Japanese (the term used in the middle of the Heian period in about 800). He creates cross-sectional works that do not limit places and time.


Susaki City is a beautiful port town surrounded by mountains and the sea and there is a beautiful Shinjo River in the center of the city. Not only did they experience disasters such as the Great Nankai Earthquake (1946) and the other disasters such as the Great Tsunami (1707). Also the probability of an earthquake with an 8 or 9 Magnitude class earthquake will be occurred in 70 to 80% within the next 30 years. Currently, they are developing a 1500m breakwater maintenance project that covers the port entrance from east to west.


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