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Violet Dennison (b. 1989 in Bridgeport, lives and works in New York) creates site-specific installations that often manipulate industrial materials to explore the power and fragility of vast, sublime systems. The resulting works, which at times resemble ruined and replicated organic forms evoke questions about the nature of survival in American’s current economic landscape, as well as the tenability of the human species’ survival as a whole. Coffee cup creatures emblazoned with “We are happy to serve you” traverse through puddles of floodwater in abandoned buildings, while office chair structures with coffinlike bodies and violently clawing limbs are dispersed throughout office spaces like zombified workers. EMT conduit is entangled through a drop ceiling into a malignant architectural growth. In her cloud works, Dennison creates a slurry of materials that resembled jetsam washed up by a caustic ocean. Plastic decorations, glass beads, silk, cast Aluminum and scraps from a metal yard form a glittery mass of atomic garbage displaced from the near future.

Jan Kaps

Jülicher Strasse 24a
50674 Cologne

Shown at LISTE:

Violet Dennison, 1989, US