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Benji Boyadgian works with research-based projects that materialize as drawings, paintings, videos, installations and sculptures. His Liste presentation puts a new sculptural installation forward, surrounded by two series of drawings that belong to Boyadgian’s previous projects.

A Jerusalemite of Armenian origin, Boyadgian developed a distinct sensibility for the cultural exchanges and transitivity, particularly within the Middle East. Educated in architecture, he has come to focus on themes concerning urban transformations, heritage, territory, landscape and perception.

In his recent projects, Boyadgian presented sculptural installations that function as visual devices and objects of refraction. In 2017, at Anadiel in Jerusalem and at the Armenian Triennial in Gyumri, Boyadgian explored different kinds of ‘perception dispositifs’. In his 2018 Jerusalem exhibiton at Al Ma'mal Foundation, a non-veridical perception proved central, where he presented a labyrinth-like cabinet of curiosity, juxtaposing objects with their image in a phenomenal appearance.

For Liste, Boyadgian proposes a more theoretical dispositif that contains different ways to look at a sphere. The device will be centered around three spheres of different material: Lime stone from Jerusalem, Obsidian stone from Armenia, and a stone made of cement that will function as the replica of the two other stones. The device is shaped like an octagon, every side of the horizontal axis will suggest another way to look at the replica, the two stone spheres, or their images; while the vertical axes arecontained between two mirrors.

Boyadgian’s recent exhibitions include the one-person Dissolutions at Öktem Aykut and group shows at B7L9 by Kamel Lazaar Foundation in Tunisia, at Depo in Istanbul, at Kunsthalle Exnergasse in Vienna among other exhibitions and projects that took place in Geneva, Isola dei Pescatori, Kyrenia, Lund, Marseille, Ramallah, Sao Paulo and Stockholm.

Öktem Aykut
Tankut Aykut
Doga Öktem

Aybastı Sokak 3 Şişhane
34430 Istanbul


Shown at LISTE:

Benji Boyadgian, FI PS