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Truth and Consequences presents five artists Mathis Altmann, Alan Schmalz, Anina Troesh, Linda Voorhinde and Seyoung Yoon for the 22nd edition of Liste. The presentation is focusing on the link between their practices which is both based on an intuitive and a necessary resistance act. D systems defying a certain social order are deployed to the audience by confronting them to cryptic signs, sensorial devices, dignified outcasts, situations of withdrawal. One is here undoubtedly dealing with an artistic deployment investigating through psychological and emotional prism the different power tensions in our society.

Truth and Consequences
Paul-Aymar Mourgue d'Algue

7 boulevard d’Yvoy
1205 Geneva

Shown at LISTE:

Mathis Altmann, 1987, DE

Alan Schmalz, 1987, CH

Anina Troesch, 1987, CH

Linda Voorhinde, 1986, DK

Seyoung Yoon, 1986, KR