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Berlin based artist Yukihiro Taguchi has garnered much attention for his unique “performative installations,” which combine elements of drawing, performance, animation and installation, getting inspiration from and capturing the feature and history of the place where he engages. Taguchi's humorous and quick-paced artworks are made using stop motion, employing found objects as his work’s main player and controlling them closely and carefully in order to archive his vision. The installations and performances of Taguchi are temporary interventions that change the view of familiar things and surroundings. Taguchi has been conducting his projects in number of places in Europe such as Germany, England, Belgium, Austria and Portugal as well as Cuba, Brazil, Kenya, Maldives, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Japan, reflecting uniqueness of each place in his creation.

For solo presentation at LISTE, Taguchi combines his video works he has created while he was in artist in residency programmes in Japan and numerous drawings which are result of his daily psychological and artistic practice to create an installation as a whole. The installation at the booth will change little by little during the fair period, adding more sketches and shifting their positions, as enacting his “performative sketch” entitled Über in 2009. The whole process of transformation as well as his performance, which will take place outside the booth and beyond will be photographed and then assembled into a stop motion animation at the end. The visitors and passersby will be a witness as well as a collaborator of his creation as a result.

Mujin-to Production
Rika Fujiki

5-10-5 Kotobashi, Sumida-ku
Tokyo 130-0022

Shown at LISTE:

Yukihiro Taguchi, JO