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At the core of Mahmoud Khaled’s practice lies a probing engagement with the construction of male identity. In a society that is increasingly shaped by mediated and virtual exchanges, Khaled’s work traces the boundaries between what is real and what is hidden, disguised or staged. Mixing photography and video with sculptural forms, sound and text, Khaled’s subjects are often unconventional. His practice can be regarded as a formal and philosophical rumination on the value and meaning of art as a form of political activism, an object of desire and a space for critical reflection.

Mona Marzouk’s interest in architectural histories is visible in many of her works – in painting, sculpture as well as site-specific murals and paintings. Blurring the boundary between biomorphic and geometrical, personal and political, and masculine and feminine, Marzouk attempts to create alternative perspectives of social structures. With the sensibility of a maverick architect, Marzouk envisions aesthetic systems that draw on a diversity of cultural traditions but which can only exist in the realm of the imagination. Her images become unlikely routes to a cultural investigation of the past and future melded into one.

Aleya Hamza

3 Rd. 218
Degla Maadi
11728 Cairo

+20 100 100 6363

Shown at LISTE:

Mahmoud Khaled, AE

Mona Marzouk, EG