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For LISTE 2019, mor charpentier proposes to question memory and lost identities. From Rossella Biscotti to Daniel Otero Torres through Chen Ching-Yuan and Théo Mercier, this project aims to subvert the normal logics that govern contemporary societies struggling with the emergence of an identity crisis.

Under the title 'A shirt, blue pants, blue jeans, a towel' - inventory of textiles that were collected at the Kunst-Station Sankt Peter in Köln - Rossella Biscotti gathers a group of concrete spheres. The fabrics that were cast into concrete are suggesting a concealed past. Personal objects and history are the starting point for reflection on identity through society and community, and on the representation of memories, playing between visible and invisible.

Daniel Otero Torres’ new project FLP (Frente de Liberación Popular), consist of totem-like sculptural drawings, presenting Otero’s research into the role of female freedom fighters, from Mexican ‘soldaderas’ to Kurdish combatants. Otero Torres is seeking to elevate their combined stories to a monumental proportion, one that is inversely proportional to the insignificant recognition these women have had in the history of their own countries.

Chen Ching-Yuan is highlighting the weight of history and social conventions on the individual, in his haunting, surrealistic representation of daily life. His new oil paintings act as visual metaphor to articulate the ambiguity and perplexity of national politics in a Taiwan torn between its own identity and that of mainland China.

Théo Mercier’s practice is directly questioning our current idea of identities by breaking the rules of representation. His three-dimensional new productions could be seen as collage, deconstructing common preconception by collecting elements that were not expected to meet, mixing with his own sculptures, objects or artefacts collected during his travels.

mor charpentier
Alex Mor
Philippe Charpentier

61 rue de Bretagne
75003 Paris

+33 01 44 54 01 58


Shown at LISTE:

Rossella Biscotti, IT

Chen Ching-Yuan, TW

Daniel Otero Torres, CO

Théo Mercier, FR