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Born in Granges-Marnand, Switzerland, Denis Savary works and lives in Geneva. He is currently undertaking a 6-months residency in London.

The consistent theme running throughout his work is an interest in art historical analogies interfering in the way the viewers see and interpret the world. Most of his works are references to iconic figures of art history such as Sophie Tauber-Arp or Giacomo Balla or inspired by ancient traditions such as inuit bones figurines or ancient art of puppeteering. The silver lining is one of timelessness, the viewer will be forced to reconsider his assumption of when and where the sculptures were made.

Introducing a new series of sculptures inspired from images of the first hockey kneepads and shin guards, Savary draws attention to the abstraction of those shapes, and how undoubtedly, they recall references to the sculpture “Le Baiser” by Constantin Brancusi, a milestone in the history of modern sculpture. To further that reference, the artist will present the sculptures on wooden pedestals, inviting the viewer to realize the humblest and most primitive idea of sculpture.

Maria Bernheim

Limmatstrasse 257
8005 Zürich

+41 79 700 79 28

Shown at LISTE:

Denis Savary, 1981, CH