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At the 2017 edition of LISTE, Öktem&Aykut presents works by two young Turkish women artists, Elif Boyner (*1985) and Lara Ögel (*1987). Boyner's and Ögel’s concurrent artistic practices approach the concept of repetition critically.

Recent works by Boyner and Ögel (separately by each) represent repetitive acts and the accompanying works of art reveal the resulting patterns. In their video pieces, Boyner aims to climb up an Ancient tree in Western Turkey on a windy day and keeps falling; Ögel counts an infinite number of Turquoise beads over and over. Both practices question the consequences of deliberate repetition and invite the beholders to investigate the popularity of repetition as a notion. Is it really cool to keep failing and trying to fail better, as those have come to suggest? Is it truly meditative to individually enact the so-called cultural traditions – even if they are not directly inherited from previous generation? Does it really help to touch and become a part of archaic objects of social rituals?

The works by Boyner and Ögel to be presented on Öktem&Aykut’s space at the fair share a common reserved attitude towards their subjects of interest, both as ideas and objects. The open-ended characters of the works indicate a fresh critique of contemporary understandings of Modern vs. Late-/Postmodern values, as bits and parts of the ever-oscillating cultural topography of Turkish society.

Born in Istanbul, Elif Boyner received her BFA in Design and Management at Parsons, Paris and her MA in Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins, London. Born in İzmir, Lara Ögel received her BA in Screen Studies at Clark University, Worcester, MA and has completed Intensive Foundation program at Slade School of Fine Art, London.

Tankut Aykut
Doga Öktem

Buyuk Hendek Caddesi, Portakal Sokkak No: 2/6 Galata

Shown at LISTE:

Lara Ögel, 1987, TR

Elif Boyner, 1985, TR