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Leandro Feal is one of the most interesting artists of the Cuban photographers’ young generation. His work maintains the reserved and intimate atmosphere of domestic photography, hence the spontaneity of his frames and the naturalness of his characters facing the camera.

The work of Reynier Leyva Novo proposes a personal way of facing History writing. Whether from the premises of video, photography, installationism, or object production, his gaze is crossed by the postmodern tendency to enhance subjectivism and alternative discursive lines above speeches of official affiliation.

Yornel Martínez participates of a generation of Cuban artists interested in the lightness of the gesture and the conceptual methodology. His peculiar way of understanding the artistic process, as well as the development of a very personal work -guided by lightness and poetry-, positions him as one of the most solid young creators within the current Cuban contemporary art.

El Apartamento
Christian Gundín García

Calle H esq. a 15, #313, Apt. 3, Vedado
10400 Havana

+537 835 6019

Shown at LISTE:

Leandro Feal, CU

Reynier Leyva Novo, CU

Yornel Martínez, CU