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What will be this place in the future? is a project with works by Igor Grubic(Croatia 1969) and Maryam Jafri(USA 1972). Each one of the artists give his or her way of seeing the developing of post industrial complex in the countries they come from: Croatia and USA.

In the project by Igor GrubicDeconstruction of the Factory is staged the transition from industrial to post-industrial cities in Croatia and more in general in that part of Europe. The photographic essay and film trace the transformation of urban landscapes, public and work spaces in our local environment, which change under the pressure of urban change and gentrification. 

The project is completed by a poetic, captivating short animated film How Steel Was Tempered(2018), which is a story about a father-son relationship set in the different factory settings photographed by Grubic. The film talks about the coming of age, of familial bonds, of generational differences, but also about the prospects of fruitful future relationships based on shared social space and collaborative working.

Model 500(2019) by Maryam Jafriis a metal and vinyl sculpture focusing on music and politics, specifically Detroit Techno and its relation to deindustrialization, technology, and race. Model 500is configured as a 10 x 10 grid in the guise of an American crossword puzzle. However the black squares typical of a crossword puzzle are here replaced with vintage Detroit techno LPs mounted on the metal plates. The African-American, Detroit – based origins of techno are often forgotten. Detroit techno spoke to the complexities of living in a city like Detroit, which in the early-1980s reflected a half-century of racial stratification and violence, as well as industrial decline. But in the music there is also a powerful sense of agency. The music and the culture of techno reflect an elaborate artistic and technological response to the transition from industrial to post-industrial world, as well as an innovative approach to the possibilities of modern machine technologies and their application to music. 

Corrado Gugliotta
Sveva D'Antonio

Via Grimaldi 93
97015 Modica

+39 339 242 9308

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Maryam Jafri, US