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Politics Of Dance
Dance shares with the visual arts a very powerful relationship between the aesthetic dimension, language and contents. Artists often collaborate with choreographers, while dancers experiment with new forms of expression. Museums also host spaces devoted to this discipline. The exhibition brings together three  artists who use different approaches and languages such as re-enactment, uniting communities, social investigation and the reprocessing of visual suggestions, employing dance as an instrument to analyse complex social and political phenomena in different places and moment.

Igor Grubic East Side Story, 2006
The two-channel video installation that juxtaposes documentary footage with a re-enactment of that footage through the medium of dance. The documentary film combines television footage taken from two separate gay pride events that took place in Croatia, one in Belgrade in 2001 and the other in Zagreb in 2002.

Uriel Orlow Unmade Film - The Staging, 2012
It evolved out of a collaborative workshop held in Ramallah and Jerusalem and conceived with Frances Rifkin. The workshop explored forms of theatre developed by Augusto. Boal in Brazil in the 1960s under the heading of the Theatre of the Oppressed. Specifically, the focus was on Image Theatre, a form of theatre that uses images to convey abstract ideas as well as concrete narratives without recourse to language.

Marinella Senatore The School of Narrative Dance (Sweden), 2013
The School of Narrative Dance, focused on the idea of storytelling as an experience that can be explored choreographically, on non-hierarchical learning, self-training and the creation of an active citizenship through informal education. Nomadic and free of charge, the School takes different forms depending on the spaces it temporarily occupies, and proposes an alternative system of education, based on emancipation, inclusion and self-cultivation.

Laveronica arte contemporanea
Corrado Gugliotta
Sveva D’Antonio

via Grimaldi 93
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Shown at LISTE:

Marinella Senatore, 1977, IT

Igor Grubic, 1969, HR

Uriel Orlow, 1973, CH