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Uhoh, here comes the whole entire earth. 


Here comes every fractious passion and passing impression

ever to project itself

onto the gray red tombstone of your tombstone-like face-

ever to press itself

into the paraffin of

your own personal self’s

plumbed and private deeps.


Here they come like

locusts warping on the westward wind

o’erspread the flushing

of dusk’s dimming gasp-

silent as a tailpipe

plugged with a potato

or a sniper’s far-off shot;

final as

the bending of his mortal dart.


Here come the miseries of democracy

which you believe in.

Here come the details of everyday life


the very soft

gum wrapper you remove from your pocket

while doing laundry

followed closely by

the fact that after 13 solid months

of living in the apartment

that you live in

you don’t know which ways

the shower taps turn.


Here come French doors.

Here come Venetian blinds.


Here comes, of course,

your father’s large and brown penis


Here comes the beauty of german trees,

whose thin timbers

disgorge the darkling darkness of

long-old Pre-Christian behavior. 


Here come the pointlessly soaring fronds

of LA’s own


a fitting image for

life's futility


Here comes Shiller’s dithyramb of joy

and your sensitivity to “the phrase”.

Here comes the beauty of “the phrase”.


Here they come


like four film reels

lashed by dogless leash

to a firework


down a train’s track.


And here comes

the Planet Fucker-

inexorable as

the workers' revolution-

to fuck them

and to fuck
the whole entire earth.

- Hardy Hill

Neue Alte Brücke
Mark Dickenson

Hafenstrasse 23
60327 Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland

Shown at LISTE:

Julien Nguyen, 1990, US

Eric Schmidt, 1990, US