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For this year’s editon of Liste, Ellis King presents a group presentation with Joseph Geagan (1987, US), Siera Hyte (1990, US), and Ebecho Muslimova (1984, RU).

Joseph Geagan (1987, US), is a documentarian of sorts depicting his social scene and surroundings through an analog lense. Working in both painting and sculpture, the artist’s works are intuitively handmade, yet they are, paradoxically, suited to contemporary forms of social media such as Instagram aligned to a fleeting account or record of one’s immediate social circles. The diaristic tone of his practice creates a strange intersection of autobiography and allegory.

Indeed, Siera Hyte (1990, US), is seeking to form an ontological understanding of the body. She is interested in trying to make metaphysical experiences into embodied experiences while maintaining an element of uncertainty in interpretation as it allows for a self-reflective psychological underpinning of desire and anxiety in equal measure.

Furthermore, Ebecho Muslimova (1984, RU) obsessively examines her alter ego “Fatebe” who she depicts in ribald, often anxiety-ridden situations. This unabashed avatar of sorts suggests a vision of the artist delving into her own primal unconscious laying bare to her voyeuristic audience.

Rudimented within the conceptual premise for this presentation is the artist’s introspective gaze. Seeing their specific world views through their unique lenses, Geagan, Hyte, and Muslimova encapture their respective inward scenographies through their chosen media revolving around acute explorations of self in tandem with their surroundings and socio-environments. Ultimately, their practices oscillate between a concern of the negotiation and portrayal of their own individual identities and how this projection as a means corresponds to and, indeed, validates this sentiment.

Ellis King
Jonathan Ellis King

Unit 7
White Swan Donore Avenue
8 Dublin

Shown at LISTE:

Siera Hyte, 1990, US

Joseph Geagan, 1987, US

Ebecho Muslimova, 1984, RU