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Robert Bittenbender (b. 1987 in New Jersey, lives and works in New York) makes sculptures comprised of original drawings and photographs, intertwined with old mementos and refuse found on the streets of New York.

The pieces variably appear like small buildings, broken machines, nests or strange instruments—faded slides and pieces of tile are stitched together with thread to form the skeletons of something like collapsing buildings. Jewelry and slivers of discarded wood holds up the works like a scaffold, supporting skeins of discarded plastic and electric wire.

Recent exhibitions include solo presentations at Lomex, New York (2016) and High Art, Paris (2016), group exhibitions at Greene Naftali , New York(2015) and Herald Street, London(2016).

Valerie Keane (b. 1989 in New Jersey, lives and works in New York) produces hanging sculptures made from industrially produced materials– long chandelier-like structures of metal and cast acrylic sheets, glass, and intertwining cable.

A combination of raw material and manipulated hardware, their surfaces are interset with chrome pins, splints, and etched with acid. They cite the tactile slang of architectural prototypes, and medical prosthetics, and bring to mind the facades of high rises, interrogation rooms, and nightclubs.

Recent exhibitions include solo and dual presentations at Lomex, New York (2016), High Art, Paris (2016) (FR) and What Pipeline, Detroit (2017), group exhibitions at Greene Naftali, New York (2015) and Le Manoir, Switzerland (2016).

Alexander Shulan

134 Bowery #4S
10013 New York
United States of America

Shown at LISTE:

Valerie Keane, 1989, US

Robert Bittenbender, 1987, US